ABCs of Underrated Digimon: L is For…

L is For…

I flip-flop on whether or the first Tamers move is good often. When I covered it on the podcast, my cohost hated it and I enjoyed it and was moved emotionally by the plot, but unfortunately, the movie suffers from ‘we have twenty minutes and can’t tie together all the loose ends like the universe hopping Omegamon’.
Anyway, it’s a sweet story, and some aspects remind me of the My Hero Academia movie that came out in officially for English-speaking audiences last month (spoiler: Digimon somehow had the better movie?).
Labramon is so cute, evolves to Shisamon (one of my two favourite Japanese mythological creatures is the Shisa) and has prior evolutions which is just its head. Adorable.
I’m really excited for Digimon Survive because Labramon will be in it, which is surprising but welcomed. Digimon Survive is coming out for pretty much every current-gen console (even PC) so please, go buy it so we can get more releases that leave Japan.
In general, you could say that Labramon has a fairly simple design and looks more like a cartoon dog or a Pokemon, but I just find something so charming about this lil’ guy.
I’m surprised most fans who have Tamersonas or OCs haven’t chosen Labramon as a partner Digimon – adorable dog that evolves into a mythological creature.

So what’s your favourite mon that starts with ‘L’?

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