ABCs of Underrated Digimon: K is For…

I’m excited for this one, as I mentioned with my ‘J’ entry, this is another one of the Digimon that inspired me to start these blog posts.
So, K is For..

This Digimon is another one that has been around since almost the beginning (Digimon Pendulum v5.0 and the Hyper Colosseum card game) and has been in almost every game, and even starred in an episode of Frontier, yet I barely see any love for it from the fandom.
The episode that a village of them star in is one of those surprisingly good episodes of Digimon Frontier that has an annoying change between the English fansub and the English dub – Kokuwamon go from sympathising with Junpei to idolising Takuya in the English dub. This episode also has Kokuwamon of varying ages ranging from an old one with a mustache and cane to a small baby one with huge eyes (adorable).
It’s one of those interesting half-bug-half-robot designs, he looks like either a taser or an electric plug but somehow still manages to look like a bug as well. Kokuwamon has a really nice design, it’s not too complex, it looks the way it needs to, and it’s oddly adorable – what’s not to love?

So what’s your favourite mon that starts with ‘K’?

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