ABCs of Underrated Digimon: G is For…

Before I start, I should have had AncientIrismon as my underrated Digimon for ‘A’. Lots of people love Airdramon but nobody talks about AncientIrismon! It’s my handle on Twitter! People ask me if it’s an OC! It’s not! She’s real and she’s beautiful!
Look this was almost Greatest Cutemon but I’m convinced that everybody loves G-Cutemon as it’s impossible not to.
G is for…

This was actually insanely hard. Do you know how many Digimon start with G? Do you know how many Digimon start with G that are amazingly cool (Griffomon, Grademon), full of nostalgia (Gazimon, Gizamon), or absolutely wonderful and a gift to mankind (G-Cutemon)?
However, as soon as I remembered GrapLeomon the answer was clear.
Yep, another Digimon World 2003 nostalgia mon! My Bearmon was my favourite in Digimon World 2003 and of course the natural evolution of a bear is to a lion!
GrapLeomon has to be the coolest evolution of Leomon (take that, BanchoLeomon). I mean, c’mon, his arms and legs are engines – that’s totally bones!
Despite being so incredibly cool, we haven’t actually seen him in the anime, meaning that he hasn’t died. He’s been in basically every Digimon game since DW2003 and yet no love for this engine-powered-mon seems to exist! He looks like he should exist in My Hero Academia! Who would win; him or Iida? Duh, the lion with engines on his arms and legs!
I just love him to pieces. Digimon, please never kill this baller mon!

So what’s your favourite Digimon starting with the letter ‘G’?

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