Which Tamagotchi is Right For You?

Which Tamagotchi is Right For You?

Which Tamagotchi is Right For You?

The Tamagotchi series is so varied with so many great pets, but have you ever wondered which Tamagotchi is right for you?

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Tamagotchi Mentioned
Mothra モスラのたまごっち
M!X たまごっちみくす
Meets たまごっちみーつ
Nano たまごっちナノ
Ocean 海で発見!たまごっち
Smart たまごっちスマート
SmaCard たまスマカード

Intro 00:00
Buyee 00:33
Mothra Tamagotchi 02:17
Tamagotchi M!X and Tamagotchi Meets 03:03
Tamagotchi Nano 04:20
Tamagotchi Ocean 05:45
Tamagotchi Smart 06:45

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