Upcoming (important?) changes to blog, podcast and Patreon

Hey guys,
Over the coming weeks/month I’ll be changing up everything a little, so this is just a heads up.
The podcast will not be ending with YH and neither will Lost in Translationmon.
There will be some polls going up on our Patreon for additional changes to the podcast and, in addition, some new milestones and rewards will be added and some existing ones that no longer are feasible will be removed.
I’ve got some ideas for blog posts, podcasts, and videos to keep everything active.
There are also non-Digimon related potential plans as well.
In regards to the Podcast’s hosting, I’ll be moving it over to another provider as SoundCloud is getting a little expensive. This should be streamlined, so hopefully it won’t be too noticeable.
If you have any questions or good suggestions, I’m obviously open to hearing about them, but I do already have a lot of ideas to go ahead with!
Thanks for reading!
– May

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