The Digimon Tamers BluRay box is coming out in two months and we need you! (+ exciting podcast updates)

We don’t really like over-asking for donations, but this one seems important enough! There are also some very important podcast updates at the end of the post! Exciting!

We would really, really like to cover the Digimon Tamers BluRay Box on the blog (ie provide images and a review of the beautiful BluRay box) and, to do so, we would really appreciate if our listeners, readers, and viewers would consider sending us a donation. Since moving out, May has big adult purchases to make (and has had to cancel some preorders) but May would still really like to own the BluRay box! May can handle every other release that is to be covered on the blog, this ones just a little pricey.
If sixty of our listeners donated $10 each we could easily afford the BluRay box!


You can either click the big PayPal button above or head over to
We also still have our Patreon if you’d like to make more than just a one-off donation!
May also has a ko-fi account!
We would really appreciate any donations and, really, we just appreciate that you’re taking the time to read this!
Anybody who donates will be thanked by name on air and on our review of the box-set (unless they’d rather be anonymous).
As for an update about podcast episodes, May actually has an episode planned for this weekend. It probably won’t be recorded tonight (May hasn’t actually moved over any of the podcast recording setup to the apartment yet), but it’s a very special one that we hope you’ll enjoy.
We’ve mentioned what it is on our Slack, but we’ll keep it a secret for a bit from the public…
Jay will still be absent from the show until the end of February (which is when we start Xros Wars) but May has multiple ideas to keep the podcast weekly until then! (May is writing this post, but is using third person, for some reason).
In addition, May is considering changing our title from ‘Lost in Translationmon’ to ‘Digital Enchilada’ as we make the transition from Digimon to Sailor Moon. Our Digimon coverage will still be called ‘Lost in Translationmon’ and, similarly, ‘Lost in Translationmoon’ for Sailor Moon. We’ll just be calling us ‘Digital Enchilada’ as this allows us to expand our blog, YouTube, and podcast to be more than just Digimon-related. May has even been considering adding Magic the Gathering and other games to our YouTube to try and branch out a bit more. Maybe even some skating videos since that’s all May and May’s flatmate have been doing lately.
Alright that’s it!
TL;DR: May’s moved out and needs a hand, May has a ko-fi, May’s got an episode planned for this weekend, May wants to do more with ‘Digital Enchilada’ and branch out.

What are your thoughts?