eri karan from appmon cosplay

Digimon Cosplay Guide #1: Cheap and Super Easy Eri Karan from Appmon Cosplay

In celebration of Digimon Universe Appli Monsters coming to CrunchyRoll, I thought I’d share how I set up my Eri Karan from Appmon cosplay and how I kept it both cheap and easy. Also, fun fact, no sewing required for this one.

I am so cheap and lazy when it comes to cosplay, but that doesn’t mean my cosplays are of low quality (they’re at least decent).

If a cosplay is an unusual fantasy-style or if I’m particularly lazy, I will just buy a cheap-ish cosplay on eBay, but if the costume is easily put together with real clothes, of course I will opt for that option.

Also, disclaimer, I’m not a professional cosplayer by any means, but it’s a fun hobby for me, but something I want to do more of.

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Wonderful News - Watch Digimon Appli Monsters on Crunchyroll Now

Wonderful News – Watch Digimon Appli Monsters on Crunchyroll Now

The news is out – we finally have Digimon Appli Monsters on Crunchyroll!

Finally, Digimon Universe Appli Monsters is released legally for the English audience! Three years after it aired in Japan, but it’s better late than never!

Now we have Digimon Appli Monsters on Crunchyroll, are you wanting to know our thoughts we have a legal English sub? Here are a couple of things to go through now the season is out!

Digimon Appli Monsters on Crunchyroll
“Gimme candy”

I have recommended episode 4 as a good Halloween episode of Appmon to watch. It’s the spooky season!
We also have two episodes about this episode, one with just me, and one with Jay.

What about my thoughts on the best, worst, and most ‘meh’ episode of the series? I went through each season and found the best, worst, and most dullest episode in each, so you can read about which episodes I picked for Appmon!

Want to know the thoughts of listeners of the podcast in regards to Appmon? We conducted a survey once the season conculded.

We also compiled a list of our favourite characters per episode, you can find this spreadsheet here.

How about an entire season episode list ranking? Check out our Appli Ranking which Jay and I compiled when we were first covering Appmon on the podcast!

Speaking of podcast, want to hear our overall thoughts on Appmon in podcast form? You can find the episode here, or, if you want to hear our thoughts episode by episode, you can find the playlist compiling all the Appmon podcast episodes below.

Want a sweet new ringtone? Friend of the podcast and blog, ARPulver has you covered! Gatchi gatchi gatchi!

What are your thoughts on Digimon Appli Monsters on Crunchyroll? Are you excited or have you already seen it?
What are your thoughts on Appmon in general? I’d love to know!

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Recap, More Like..Recrap: The Best, Dullest, and Worst episode of Digimon Universe Appli Monsters

When Digimon Universe Appli Monsters was first announced I was pessimistic to say the least; the show seemed so different from the Digimon series that I loved as a child and the concept just seemed so dumb and ‘Quick! We need to keep up with YoKai Watch!’. However, from the first episode Appmon surprised and interested me, despite me being not the target demographic. The show quickly captured my heart very quickly with not only a clever and, at times, meta, plot, but endearing and unique characters that made me care from them even if, in Astra’s case, I hated them initially. Appmon really brings you back to the feeling you had when you first sat down to watch Digimon.

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Cool Digimon arrivals for October 17th

I also had a few more arrivals besides the Kokeshi Doll Rubber Straps previously discussed. 

First up we have some Appmon chips. I’m trying to complete my collection of Appmon chips. It’s really hard. 
Also pictured is a guide for the Digimon Championship DS Game. It’s one of my favourite Digimon games because it’s just so different. It also has Dracomon. I love Dracomon. 
appmon Cool Digimon arrivals for October 17th appmon
Next up we have the Digimon Adventure manga books. They’re basically just cinemanga. I’m not sure if there are any others available. The first four cover the file island arc and the second two cover the Etemon arc.
I’ve never seen any Vamdemon or Dark Masters arc ones. It seems to just finish with Taichi returning to the real world like at the end of the Etemon arc. I’m not even sure if any continuation from there exists. 

Next is a new OUTDOOR bag! I previously discussed the Digimon OUTDOOR tote and backpack on this blog but now I have another one! It’s got a nice subtle Digimon design so I can wear it out and people will just think I have a cool blue Camo backpack. I love subtle Digimon things that I can use in public!
I also got the Digimon Adventure Tri Taichi and Agumon figure that nobody likes. Because I felt empty without it. 

Laatly, and this is something I’ve wanted for awhile…

The Mimi Nutella glass!!
I’ve always wanted it and now I have it. Now I can make my Digimon pop-up cafe recreated drinks in a cool new glass!

End of Digimon Universe Appli Monsters Survey results

We will be discussing these in depth in our Appmon final overall discussion episode we’re recording shortly! I just thought it would be good to get a post together about it first!
Up first, we asked people in our ‘Best of Digimon’ survey (which is still running, by the way) what their favourite seasons of Digimon were. Since the survey is still running, I’ll only go over the Appmon-related bits.
191 people have completed this survey so far and all questions were compulsory.

Amazingly, Digimon Universe Appli Monsters was the third favourite overall to Digimon Adventure and Digimon Tamers. Only 6 people (3.1%) thought that it was their least favourite season making it the third least least liked season.
Haru ranked as the third most popular leader, again, behind Tamers and Adventure and only 10 people (5.2%) said that Haru was their least favourite leader.

The last question on the currently running ‘Best of Digimon’ survey that relates to Appmon is the ‘favourite episode’ question.
While 55% of respondents hadn’t watched it yet, 4.7% didn’t remember their favourite episode and 10.5% didn’t remember their least favourite episode, the majority of the ones said that their favourite episodes were Episode 52 “Our Singularity” (14 or 7.3%), Episode 19 “The Net Ocean in a Big Pinch!” (11 or 5.8%), or 45 “The Big Clash!? Gatchmon vs Gatchmon” (9 or 4.7%) and their least favourite episodes were 26 “I am the Protagonist!? Encounter with Gatchmon (16 or 8.4%), 30 “Dokamon’s Love!? Gourmet App” (7 or 3.7%), or 29 “Buddies no More!? Gatchmon’s Run Away From Home” (4 or 2.1%).
Only one person agreed with me that Episode 4 was the best episode of Appmon! Outrageous! You can find my ranking here!
Next up, is the survey I put up yesterday which is about favourite characters in Appmon. 31 people responded.

Haru is the most popular character at 41.9% and Eri is second at 25.8%!
For least favourite, Yuujin takes the crap cake at 39.3% and Astra was the second least favourite at at 32.1%. The least least favourit was Eri. My girl.
2017-10-15 13_14_33-End of Digimon Universe Appli Monsters survey! - Google Forms
For favourite buddy Appmon, Hackmon wins with 38.7% and Offmon comes in second at 32.3%!
For least favourite, nobody picked Gatchmon! However 40% said Musimon was their least favourite and Offmon came second again with 26.7% with Dokamon coming close behind.

For Non-Appli Drivers, I forgot to put Knight so we have a fewwww Knight entries in the ‘Other’ option.
However, of course, the favourite non-appli drive character is ‘Caught up man’ who won the question with 41.9%. Ai also did suprisingly with 19.4% and Knight had a combined count of 16.1%. I’m happy to see UMA Hunter J up there. Hajime also did well with 9.7%.
As for least favourite, Watson got 64.5% and Caught Up Man and Hajime were tied for second at 12.9%.
As for OUR favourite characters as specified by us in our coverage, listener Noam put together a count which I put together in graphs yesterday! You can find this here!
Alright! On to recording our summary episode.

End of Digimon Universe Appli Monsters survey!

End of Digimon Universe Appli Monsters survey!

For our final Appmon podcast, we’re going to discuss our favourites of the season and we’d like to hear what the fanbase has to say about the show as well so we’ve written up a few quick questions for people to answer! We’re recording on Sunday Aussie time! So we’d appreciate it if you were to answer some questions before then! You can find the survey here.
There is no favourite episode question in this survey. If you would like to tell us your favourite question, please answer this other survey!

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Let’s see how effective an episode aimed to hit nostalgia buttons is…

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