ABCs of Nostalgic Digimon: S is For…

This Digimon is one that I don’t really talk about that much as it’s just another re-colour, but, like JungleMojyamon, it’s a re-colour I like more than the original.

S is For…


nostalgic digimon saberdramon

Yup! Another Digimon that I first saw in Digimon World – Saberdramon, the black Birdramon re-colour.

I don’t know why, but I have a strong feeling that I actually saw Saberdramon before Birdramon – when I was raising my Digital Monster virtual pet as a child, I got Birdramon once, and actually thought it was Airdramon (for some bizarre reason) and, once I played Digimon World, I thought it might be Saberdramon.

While Saberdramon only appears as a card in Digimon World 2003, I can actually picture the art on the card pretty well still, and it’s one of the few cards I can remember from the side game.

Funnily enough, Saberdramon has a sprite on the D-Terminal, but it’s actually more or less the same as Birdramon’s as they didn’t care to colour it in at all. Saberdramon was also one of the possible evolutions for Biyomon on the D-Gather, but her sprite was actually coloured as you’d expect it.

While she’s had more love than JungleMojyamon, Saberdramon hasn’t really appeared in much and is usually either an in game collectable card or medal or a wild Digimon to fight. I’m kind of hoping we get her in Survive.

I’d love for a game to feature all of the re-colours, in fact, imagine a game where it’s re-colour only. Agumon isn’t the poster child, ToyAgumon is. Or something.

So who is the most nostalgic Digimon that starts with the letter ‘S’ in your opinion? Let us know in the comments!

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