ABCs of Nostalgic Digimon: L is For…

Digimon Frontier is a strangely nostalgic season due to how much I read about the season before it’s release and my love for the D-Tector Digivice Toy.

L is For…

Lord Knightmon

nostalgic digimon lord knightmon

Lord Knightmon reminds me just a little bit of ‘Him’ from the powerpuff girls since finding out that, in the original Japanese version, Lord Knightmon was actually male.

However, as a child, I absolutely loved her design – she managed to be a lady who was super strong and super cool looking without losing any femininity.

Even when I was a child, I was disappointed with the poor treatment that the female characters had throughout the show;

  1. Ranamon was catty and jealous and her evolution was ‘ugly’ (the worst thing a woman can be, the show seems to suggest)
  2. Zoe is hilariously weak compared to the ‘token girls’ of previous seasons – she loses in her evolution episode, learns that it’s not okay to want to be alone, loses her ability to evolve for a number of episodes, is basically useless for half the show, and is seen as a reward for the boys (“If you win, you can go on a date with me!”)
  3. Ophanimon was kinda plain
  4. Chiaki, if she even counts at all, is plain at best and bitchy at worse.

However, a knight in shining pink armour appeared – a villain who was so powerful, bad-ass, and beat the protagonists for an entire arc constantly. She was a little bit like Jessie to Dynasmon’s James – except she had the rose.

I was actually kind of annoyed when I realised the original ‘Crusadermon’ was a male called ‘Lord Knightmon’; not only was it kind of gross that they couldn’t have an effeminate man when we already had James in Pokemon and Him in the Powerpuff Girls, but it meant that there were no decent female characters in the entire season.
The English dub should have just made Dynasmon a woman instead.

I’m a fan of dubbers evening out the cast by changing the gender of a character – Cody/Iori was a girl in the European Spanish dub of Digimon Adventure 02, which evened out the gender ration to an even split.

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