Agunimon Screams At Cloud: The Best, Dullest and Worst episode of Digimon Frontier

I’m not going to sugar coat it – I did not like Frontier.
I liked it as a kid. I like the world building. I like the fact that Digimon dared to be different.

I hate the use of characters and I hate how this season would be better if it was shorter and stuck to the ‘Beast vs Human’ story line that is set up so strongly in some episode and in the movie.
This season has pacing issues, some parts it’s super fast, almost clever, and enjoyable and then it’ll suddenly grind to a halt for a few episodes. It’s unbalanced and honestly could be better as a season.
How does one pick out the shiniest piece of rubbish from the bin? Unfortunately I can’t pick the movie, so I’m limited to just the episodes.
Making it about burgers and stray from the path of ‘the two main boys are the only characters in the show’ that Frontier likes to skip down.
Episode 19 – “You Want Fries with That?” (“Save the Burgermon! Tomoki’s Pure Heart!”)
Sure, this may not be an amazing episode but it’s cute, Tomoki, Izumi, and Junpei are all actually useful but Kouji and Takuya are competing and can’t tell that there’s something shifty going on, Petaldramon is the best and gives the best advice, and the episode makes me crave burgers.
It’s interesting that the episodes that I would call the best in the season are focused on Tomoki – the episode in the forest with the Bakumon, his evolution to beast spirit, the episode with Tomoki’s bullies showing up, and this one. I guess he’s the best character?
So yeah, I give this the best episode for the season because of how different it is from the rest of the season and it’s actually nice to see the three chosen who are pretty useless for the
Episode 23 – “Sockit Takuya” (“Feel the Power of Digimon! Takuya’s Full-Body Strategy”)
Coming back from a pretty good episode (that would be better if it wasn’t so similar to a Digimon Adventure episode) is probably one of the episodes that could have taken 5-10 minutes that instead takes twenty boring minutes.
Everyone but Takuya is tied up and having tickle torture and instead of helping he just wants to stand in the rain and scream and think about elements.
Did you know the series focuses on elements?
This episode does have important bits about power from elements, but, as I said before, this episode could have been shorter.
Episode 4 – “Kazemon Kicks It” (“My Kick is Painful! Female Warrior Fairymon”)
Yes hello I would like to ask a question: “Why is the title of the episode in both Japanese and English focusing on Kazemon/Fairymon kicking something when not only does she attack mainly by hitting her arse against the opponent but also she actually loses in her own episode and has to be rescued by the lone wolf bloke of the season?”
I hate this episode. Characters always get annoying invincibility in their evolution episodes where they’re instantly the strongest thing ever and the following episode they go back to ‘normal’ power. Except for Kazemon who just gets weaker and weaker and is probably the most useful when she’s not in her Digimon form (she rescues Seraphimon’s egg when she’s unable to evolve). This is handy, because she’ll spend around ten, maybe twenty, episodes only human form.
Kazemon Kicks Absolutely Nothing.
Alright, done with Frontier and Savers is next – which might be hard as I really enjoyed Savers!
Any thoughts on the best, worst, and dullest episode of Frontier? Let me know!
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2 thoughts on “Agunimon Screams At Cloud: The Best, Dullest and Worst episode of Digimon Frontier

  1. Chakmon says:

    Yes! Tomoki is the best character!
    I understand why everyone dislikes Frontier so-much… but I still have a great fondness for this group of kids, and I can’t really explain why. I think the characters are all a bit relatable in their own ways, but are so shallowly written they really only stand for archetypes. Takuya is the most frustrating… while I love the “teaching Kouji how to be a brother” angle of his character, we get little more depth of Takuya other than generic shounen boy.
    Aside from the brotherly-learning elements of this story as people step-in as a proxy for Tomoki, and Kouji and Kouichi have to learn for reals, there is super cuteness in a lot of Frontier: Tomoki is adorable with that hat! Flamon is SUPER adorable as an adolescent Agunimon. And I personally think Kouji makes one of the best “loner” characters, and love his bandana look. Also I love the moons and their inhabitants. I know people hate the ending… but I actually kind of liked it because now Kouji and Kouichi have potential to develop a bond. If Kouichi died… Kouji might have remained distant for much more of his life.
    Yes, the writing is crap, and I’m not a big fan of not having real-life Digimon partners. Although having the kids themselves evolve was kind of interesting. I like the elemental aspect of the story. I actually really disliked the Human vs. Beast thing in the story (and movie) but again, I have the minority opinion. I actually really hated the Frontier movie… lol
    I’ll have to watch this series again… I can’t explain why I like this group of kids so much, I just want them all to find happiness in the end.
    I like many episodes! I dislike the pacing and overall thread of the plot.

What are your thoughts?