ABCs of Nostalgic Digimon: A is For…

We’ve looked at dumb Digimon and we’ve looked at underrated Digimon, now we’re looking at Digimon that give me an overwhelming sense of nostalgic.

Finding a nostalgic Digimon that starts with ‘A’ was easy.

A is For…

ancient irismon

Ancient Irismon

“Not Airdramon?” That would be obvious, wouldn’t it?
In any case, I have a lot more nostalgia for Ancient Irismon – it’s even been my twitter handle for at least five years.

When I was young, I would read a lot about the lore of Frontier on the internet when I was using the computers at the school my parent’s worked at. Digimon Frontier was airing in Japan, so there was some information available.

After learning of Ancient Irismon, I even wrote a fanfic where I had a Digimon called Irismon . Mind you, Irismon was just a Palmon with just a stem and no flower on her head. I was not an imaginative child.

Despite the fact I wouldn’t get to see any detailed or high quality images of Ancient Irismon until years later, I absolutely loved her and her design. I was pretty heart broken when she didn’t actually show up in Digimon Frontier once it started airing in Australia.

I was overjoyed when I got my hands on the D-Tector toy and found that you could add her to your team using Digi Digits, but beyond that, she wasn’t really involved in the toy.

Speaking of which, I have a fairly large amount of nostalgia about the first D-Tector version – scrolling through Game FAQs for all the DigiDigits, inputting them one by one.

In English media, she had the name of ‘Ancient Kazemon’.
However, the name of ‘Ancient Irismon’ always stuck with me and not so much ‘Ancient Kazemon’.

In terms of appearances, Ancient Irismon appeared in Digimon Battle Spirit 2 as Zoe’s finishing move, which was honestly pretty surprising.

I just have a surprisingly large amount of nostalgia for Digimon Frontier in general.

So, what’s the most nostalgic Digimon starting with ‘A’ according to you?

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