Hatching a new egg on the Pendulum Cycle version 10

New egg on the Pendulum Cycle Version 10 | Hatching Video

Hatching a new egg on the Pendulum Cycle version 10

After some bad luck yesterday, it’s time to start up a new egg on the Pendulum Cycle version 10!

We’ll also quickly take a closer look at the Digimon Pendulum Cycle version 10.

Tomorrow I’ll be hatching my version 9 in a similar quick video!

Yes, you’re right, I’m a bad Digimon virtual pet parent.

And there’s another super quick little update of what else I’m raising too! Would you be interested in frequent ‘what I’m raising’ videos?

I really appreciate any feedback as I’m still fairly new to this

I do still need a new introduction video and not the one I made five years ago – I have an idea, I just have to record it.

Check out the Pendulum Cycle Shells on Project DigiShell!

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