Leadup to Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 6 – Tri To Be Excited

So I’ve been feeling pretty unexcited for Tri’s release which is in 9 days and to combat that, I thought I’d write up a daily post next week everyday where I go through each movie and write up about my favourite part or favourite thing that happened.

These will not be spoiler free, so if you haven’t seen any part of Tri, I suggest not reading these posts.
This means, starting from April 30th with Chapter 1 and concluding with Chapter 5 on May 4th, I will be writing up a daily post gushing about my favourite moment from each film.
Let’s get excited! This was a series that the fandom has been begging for for 15 years! Let’s hope it finishes with a bang!
As for our podcast coverage, we will be covering Tri Chapter 6 on Saturday May 5th at some point (May has errands to run in the morning, so it probably won’t be out until after lunch), meaning that our fortnightly Xros Wars coverage will be shifted by one week, meaning that we’ll have two consecutive weeks of Xros Wars coverage!
This Saturday you can look forward to Team Homostasis covering Chapter 3 of Digimon Next!
– May

One thought on “Leadup to Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 6 – Tri To Be Excited

  1. Chakmon says:

    Great idea May! I’m still pretty excited for Part 6 and want to see how Toei ends this miniseries. But it has felt a bit drawn out at this point… My fear is an extension into another part. I hope we get a proper ending and can move on with our lives after 6. While not a big fan of this story. I got my Taichi fix, onsen adventure/eye candy and school festival setting. Other than having a wacky cooking adventure with hijinks… my needs have been met by our DigiDestined! Slice-of-life Taichi and Takeru is good enough for me. Sadly I’m traveling for work and will be unable to watch movie 6 until Monday!! Bad planning by me! I will say, I did like the idea of Daigo and Maki being among the original group. That made the story way more engaging.

What are your thoughts?