Happy Odaiba Day 2018 to the Digimon Fandom

Happy Odaiba Day 2018 to the Digimon Fandom

Good morning everyone!
Another year, another dawn of another Odaiba Day!

I’d like to say thanks to the fandom as a whole – to the podcasters, the translators, the news sites, the cosplayers, the artists, the content creators, the fan fic and theory writers, the event managers, the merch exporters, and all the fans in general.
The Digimon fandom is one of the most open, accepting, caring, dedicated, hardworking fandoms to be part of.
That’s what Odaiba Day is to me – a celebration of the fandom as well as the franchise in general.
So thank you!
So what are you doing today to celebrate Odaiba Day?
What’s your favourite memory from the Digimon franchise?
What’s your favourite memory from being in the Digimon fandom?
For me, my plans are pretty boring outside of the podcast episode I recorded last night and released this morning¬†and making various posts on social media about it; I’m going to work. Nothing too exciting.
My favourite moment from the franchise would be either getting my first Digimon vpet as a child or watching the first episode of Appmon as an adult. Watching Appmon made me feel like I was a kid watching Digimon for the first time – so full of wonder.
My favourite moment from the fandom is a hard one; I’ve made so many friends in the fandom, I was elected as a mod of the Digimon subreddit, I cohost the With the Will Podcast with Marc and ARPulver, I was recognised at an anime convention as May from Lost in Translationmon, but I think one of the most uniting moments as somebody in the fandom was when everyone nade-naded that egg and finally watched the first PV of Tri. Together. As a fandom.
Thank you, Digimon. Thank you, Digimon Fandom.
To many more years.

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