Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Guys!
2017 has been a pretty busy year for us!
We managed to release 122 episodes this year – our main show where we finished Tamers, started and finished Frontier, and started and nearly finished Digimon Savers, our Appmon side podcast where we covered Appmon weekly and thoroughly enjoyed it, we started covering Lain and Digimon Adventure V-Tamer, and covered Tri’s releases and English releases as they came out, and we also covered Digimon games as they were released.
Overall, since the podcast started in 2015, we have released 240 episodes, meaning that in 2017 alone we managed to put out more episodes in 2015 and 2016 combined!
We also started up the blog on this website and hopefully we can post more in 2018!
Thank you so much for listening to us this year! We hope we continue to provide an entertaining podcast in 2018 as we transition from covering the Digimon anime, to covering Sailor Moon. We have a few ideas about how we’ll make the transition but we still have Xros Wars to cover!
Remember, we have a huge survey up about the best episodes and seasons of Digimon from Adventure to Appmon which you can find here!
We also just posted a tumblr post with our most popular posts per month on our tumblr! So make sure you check that out! We made 846 posts on our tumblr in 2017 and all together achieved 36761 notes for all those posts combined.
Thank you again for listening in 2017! Hopefully we have a bunch of episodes to release next week – Lain, V-Tamer, tri Stage Play, tri Chapter 3 dub. It’ll be a busy week for us, apologies for the lack of bonus episodes!

What are your thoughts?