Day 1 of podcast recording – V-Tamer and Lain coverage recorded and raws are being sent out shortly!

Good evening!
We just recorded our final V-Tamer podcast (so we’re starting Next soon!) as well as this month’s Lain coverage (Layer 10).
We’re sending out the unedited recording for both of these episodes shortly to backers pledging $10 or more per month. You can become a backer here!
Tomorrow we’ll be covering the Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 3 English dub as well as the Stage Play! This is subject to change if anything comes up but we should be recording!
These episodes will be released according to our release schedule assuming everything goes smoothly!
We’ll be also recording Obnoxious Synopsis tomorrow and May will try to start up a vpet diary – May has done the boring work of unlocking all the special Digimon that require five unique connections so now it’s time for some fun!

What are your thoughts?