5 thoughts on “Episode 99 Weekly Poll

  1. sp says:

    I like beowulfmon better , its more well stactured and he has this awesome blade, somehow Agnimons’s long hair with Viltramon’s huge wings and tail make Aldamon seem a bit bulky, but still great design as well.

  2. Maimishou says:

    Aldamon actually looks like a fusion of Human and Beast spirits whereas Beowulfmon, with the exception of having Kendogarurumon’s ams, barely looks like a fusion at all. Plus a dragon human hybrid is simply more interesting to look at than another Werewolf.

  3. Ryuichi Allen says:

    Both of good examples of fusions, but I think Aldamon does it better. Plus, wings, king of dragon-y, fire, it’s hitting all my faves.

  4. Chakmon says:

    BeoWolfmon. I like Wolfmon’s look better in general. But they both look pretty cool. BeoWolfmon has the blade, but Aldamon has the wings!

  5. Riku Reimei says:

    Aldamon is obviously a good fusion of designs, while Beowulfmon? Eh, the design is cool in concept, but doesn’t really fuse the two Digimon together. Also, WINGS OVER SWORDS

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