Chapter 10 – The Joint Evolution of Darkness

Maisy watched in absolute terror at SkullWereGarurumon, who had tilted back its head and unleashed a blood chilling howl, her feet felt like they had been frozen to the ground, her body felt rigid and heavy, her stomach felt sick, the only movement that she could make was a small head shake.
Flamedramon and Moosemon were at her side, awaiting commands, despite both being overcome with fear themselves they would do anything to save their world and protect their partner.
David slanted forwards and fell to his knees, he punched the ground and looked up at his partner Digimon, “This,” he looked to the ground, “This..isn’t what I wanted…”, he looked up again, slowly, and dry retched at the horror that was in front of him, “My…Digimon?” he mumbled.
The SkullWereGarurumon looked at him, growled, and lowered its head, David flinched and closed his eyes, holding his Digivice in his hand, he gasped as he felt his Digivice heat up and expand.
Flamedramon, who was watching the scene intensely, turned back to her partner, “Maisy, we have to leave…”
Moosemon nodded, also turning her head to face Maisy, “We have to leave.”
David held up his Digivice, darkness streaming from his hand, covering his body entirely.
Flamedramon looked to Moosemon, and then to Maisy, “We have to leave, now” Flamedramon repeated, a slightly frustrated tone in her voice.
David let out a sharp scream of pain, his body overcome with darkness, the screaming slowly turned to manic laughter, “YES! NOW THIS IS TRUE POWER!” David’s voice, sounding slightly more croaky than before, erupted from the darkness that had taken over his body.
Maisy unfroze slightly, she tried to speak, all she could manage was a small gasp.
David’ laughing continued and his body rose, turning towards Maisy and her two Digimon.
Maisy unfroze completely, “We have to leave now.”
Moosemon lowered slightly, allowing Maisy to climb up, Flamedramon devolved back to Veemon and pulled herself up as well, Moosemon let out an angelic beam of light in one direction and immediately started bolting in the other direction, “That will confused them..darkness isn’t too bright,”
Veemon punched Moosemon in the neck, causing the now chuckling Moosemon to gasp.
“Right, no fun allowed, gotcha.”
Maisy looked behind her, the darkness now becoming smaller on the horizon, “What was that?” She asked, her voice small and shaking.
“The Fury.” Veemon replied, “The Fury has taken a host.”
Maisy shook her head and turned to face Veemon “What do we do?”
“We avoid it, for now at least, we get stronger, we find the spirit, we purify the Fury, for now, we run.” Moosemon ran faster, to provide emphasis.
Veemon sighed, “So maybe we find a different path to the Wind Village, up through the mountains, or we could try along the sea, or maybe we hang back for a while and check out the cave I came from? Maisy, what do you think?”

To be continued………

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