Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 9 Podcast Discussion

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 9 Podcast Discussion

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 9 Podcast Discussion
Digimon Adventure 2020: Nine – Dragon Ball Psi
Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 9 Podcast Discussion

May, Stevie, and Quinn discuss Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 9; giant dinosaurs, pride, Ogremon, and friendship!


  • Intro: 00.00-00.49
  • Synopsis: 00.50-18.37
  • Discussion: 18.38-45.05
  • Outro: 45.06-51.05

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One thought on “Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 9 Podcast Discussion

  1. sp says:

    I must say i am impressed with this episode i really like how the story progress and eventhough things seems to be moving fast its done in way that doesn’t bother me. I really like the new and improved personalities of the children i just wish to see more interactions between them and more emotional and character driven episodes. The one negative that prevents me from enjoying the season is the Taichi and Yamato focus. I know that all the kids will propably evolve to ultimate but its obviously who the important characters are, when Jyou was talking about how he is the leader he reminded me of Junpei back in Frontier and his complaining about Takuya and Kouji, and really thats not a good sign. I like Taichi and Yamato , but i always found the rest of the kids more interesting on their own, while Taichi and Yamato were really good when they interacted with other characters. They were the main focus in Kizuna also and i just feel overwhelmed, i know why the writers did it, but even as a kid i was never the fan of the lone wolf and mc archetype that much. It doesn’t help that Taichi is channeling his V-tamer persona and everyone is so mature with no character flaws and various trials, they don’t even struggle for survival.Hopefully the rest of the stuff remains good so i can ignore this negative.
    Also one other thing is that i don’t find it super realistic that the kids are always fight besides their digimon and remain unharmed, it is impractical and i know they want to show that the kids aren’t standbuyers while the digimon fight but its not believable that Taichi jumbs in the middle with Ogremon or that Sora is always on Bridramon’s legs, she would be falling everytime in the sea not just one.
    Sorry for the complaing haha, but thanks for the podcast and i am going to make a prediction that Tailmon is going to be evil again perhaps with a dark evolution while Patamon will be more like wormon or wizardmon, Tailmon’s lackey that is not very strong and tries to keep her in the correct path.
    Anyway sorry for the long post, i really like all the elements of the series except the Taichi and Yamato bias so hopefully i can enjoy the season regardless

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