Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 40 "Strike! The Killer Shot"

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 40 “Strike! The Killer Shot”

Following on from last episode’s review and, of course, our podcast discussion episode, it’s time to watch the 40th episode of Digimon Adventure: (2020)!

Opening thoughts

One would assume that this week’s episode could be a Sora episode, but I’m going to predict it focuses on Taichi instead.

I’m not particularly hopeful for this week’s episode, because the writers do not seem to care much for Sora, but I am completely open to being wrong on this one.

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 40 “Strike! The Killer Shot”

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 40 "Strike! The Killer Shot"

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 40 Review

Agumon and Gabumon are playing soccer with a coconut, but aren’t very good. We then see Taichi and Sora playing and they’re both very good. Sora and Taichi have good team work.

Tentomon tackles Sora but thinks it’s odd that they can’t tackle. Gabumon says that Soccer is hard and Agumon says that the ball is their friend.

The others are relaxing. Mimi and Palmon have leaf thrones again. They mention that they have a whistle because Joe brought it for if he encounters a bear. Koshiro mentions how good Sora and Taichi’s teamwork is. Tailmon appears to be watching out for danger. I adore how that Takeru and Hikari are making a flower crown for Patamon.

Suddenly there’s a rumbling and a raising landmass that floats and shoots bombs at the children. Joe is the only one to suggest running, but the bomb hits anyway. Everyone is fine. Agumon says it smells good.

The meteor bomb is actually a fruit and Sora wonders if they can get more from the floating land. Biyomon evolves to Birdramon and Taichi an Agumon head off. So we’re separating again, but at least it’s not too bad.

Something else falls to the group – it’s a fridge! Meanwhile, Sora is in such a good mood because of Soccer and mentions how they used to play Soccer as children. Has Sora just been depressed and that’s why she’s been lacking a personality? I feel bad now.

Anyway, we see a new Digimon – a Pomumon, from the Wind Guardians Pendulum Z that came out last week – being captive by Flymon. Agumon is about to attack but Sora says that he’d hit the Pomumon too.

Suddenly, we have random lasers attacking. Pomumon says it’s Toropiamon’s venom. Another new Digimon from the Pendulum Z!

Flymon is dropping the Pomumon into the Tropical Pitcher-esque plant and gets eaten. This sprouts a fruit which the children were wanting to eat earlier…Oops. Another case of DigiVore.

Meanwhile, the other children are debating what to do with the fridge. Back to Taichi and Sora, we learn that Pomumon has been living here in peace for a long time but then Flymon and Toropiamon showed up and began turning them into fruits and eating them.

Wow this season of Digimon sure does just love vore.

Pomumon wants to save everyone and take the jungle back, Sora says that she will help. Biyomon evolves to Birdramon and Agumon evolves to Greymon and then to Metal Greymon, so he can fly, I guess.

Back to the fridge, the other children are now arguing about juice and Koshiro is talking while everyone ignores and talks over him.

Birdramon and MetalGreymon fight with Toropiamon, who I absolutely love with all my heart and part of me is cheering for the bad guys here…as much as I love Pomumon.

MetalGreymon gets hit into one of the tropical pitchers and sprouts into a MetalGreymon shaped fruit, which is oddly adorable. Taichi also becomes a fruit. Birdramon evolves to Garudamon because Taichi is about to be vored for the second time.

Sora comes up with a plan to rescue Taichi. Pomumon tries to fly on her own and it’s precious because she’s not good at it and I will die for her while Garudamon fights. Pomumon falls and fails to fly while Sora is climbing, but Pomumon is still determined to save her friends.

Flymon then shows up. I love how Garudamon’s attacks are Shadow Wing and shoryuken. Pomumon flies away while Sora uses her whistle to distract Flymon.

Pomumon rescues another Pomumon, but they both say that flying is tough. Sora has a flashback to when she was a kid playing Soccer with Taichi and he got knocked over by another kid but never gave up. So she shouldn’t give up either. Garudamon, meanwhile, also says that Sora would never give up, so she shouldn’t…and then we get what I can’t tell if it’s a shadow of Houhoumon or just her attack.

Flymon is about to attack Sora, but the Pomumon gang up on the Flymon and defeat it. Sora rescues Taichi, and they are both able to rescue MetalGreymon. Taichi then passes a coconut – which I hope isn’t another Digimon – to Sora, who kicks it in the air. The Pomumon attack the coconut and they all attack Toropiamon.

I’m not sure why they all had to gang up against Toropiamon since it’s only a perfect level, but it was a cool fight with a nice amount of teamwork. Everyone says that Sora is awesome and we get a nice pencil art work finisher of the group holding fruit and waving goodbye to Pomumon.

I really, really hope these fruit aren’t Digimon. We never find out what was in the fridge, so, next episode I guess?

We learn about MarineAngemon in the Encyclopedia, Koshiro wonders what the holy ring is and how he will ask MarineAngemon. I’m kinda disappointed he didn’t say how he wishes Kabuterimon had one.

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 40 "Strike! The Killer Shot"

Rating for Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 40


This episode was fairly enjoyable, but I felt like it only scratched the surface of Sora’s personality. I’m glad that she had to rescue Taichi and MetalGreymon, and displayed courage in doing so, but I felt like this episode didn’t go much deeper than ‘she likes Soccer and Taichi is her friend’.

Favourite character is Sora in this episode just because I feel like I can’t just choose Pomumon.

So what were your thoughts on Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 40? Let me know in the comments or in the discussion thread on /r/Digimon!

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