Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 32 “Soaring Hope”

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 32 “Soaring Hope”

Following on from last week’s review and, of course, our podcast discussion episode, it’s time to watch the 32nd episode of Digimon Adventure: (2020)!

Opening thoughts

Last week’s episode made me a little more hopeful for the series, but will this week’s episode see my hope soaring like in the title or plummeting?

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 32 “Soaring Hope”

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 32 “Soaring Hope”

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 32 Review

Good to see that AnimeLab fixed their subtitle issues from last week! Now I can (hopefully) enjoy Digimon this week!

Patamon and Takeru have danger closing in on them and are running away from Fangmon – another Digimon that has been around for ages but we’ve barely seen! Takeru holds his Digivice and Patamon glows slightly, but is too tired to evolve. He’s been around since 2002!

Looking at the episode title, we see that it’s ‘Amakakerukibou’ which is word for word what Pegasusmon says during his evolution in 02, this, combined with Pegasusmon appearing in the Digivice: toy, gives us a pretty big idea on who is showing up in this episode!

Anyway, Taichi and Sora show up and save Takeru from Fangmon, Sora sends Birdramon to fight Fangmon, and so does Taichi with Greymon. Taichi orders Greymon to aim at his feet and Sora orders Birdramon to attack Fangmon while he’s jumping. I do adore when we get to see some tactics in battle.

After the fight, Takeru gets in contact with Yamato and tells him that something is wrong with Patamon. Taichi wonders if it’s from the battle with DarkKnightmon. Yamato says that Patamon will get better but Takeru is needed to be by his side, he then says for Taichi to take care of Takeru. Then we get to see what Mimi is doing! Togemon is fighting Golemon for fun with some Gotsumon watching? I’m so happy for her!

Meanwhile, Joe is…getting hung upside down by a Blossomon? Biyomon says that they should trust Gomamon. Then we finally get an update from Koshiro who appears to be flying over a battle field with a lot of machine Digimon. However, he’s not really paying attention as he’s focused on the lightning and the ISS trouble in the human world.

Patamon gets visited by Lopmon in his dream who calls him a Holy Digimon. Lopmon pats him on the head. Lopmon mentions how a lot of Patamon’s powers and memories have been lost, but they should unite their hearts and unlock a new path. We then see silhouettes of SlashAngemon, Raguelmon, Valdurmon, Cherubimon, and…and angel Digimon I’m not quite sure of, but he has a keyblade and looks pretty cool. Lopmon tells Patamon to become the light of hope, and then Patamon wakes up.

Outside the cabin, Patamon is flapping his wings and Takeru is watching him. Patamon feels sad that he can’t protect everyone. Takeru asks Patamon if he can swim and then says that he couldn’t swim before and was scared and had a weak body, but then his brother said that he’ll be able to swim soon and Yamato was always by his side until he could swim, and then says that he will be by Patamon’s side. What’s this? Character moments?

Suddenly, there are two Fangmon chasing after the group. Biyomon wonders if they’ll be eaten if they get caught. Agumon evolves to Greymon in one of those cool ‘real time’ flashes. A strange cloud shows up and Cerberumon shows up – he’s the boss of the Fangmon.

Fangmon and the Cerberumon attack the group and the Komondomon that they’re riding. Biyomon evolves to Birdramon because Greymon is struggling. I’m not sure why suddenly nobody is evolving beyond adult, but I’ll chalk it up to them being tired from evolving so much. Oh nevermind, Greymon evolves to MetalGreymon and Birdramon evolves to Garudamon and they both try to fight Cerberumon but struggle.

Garudamon and MetalGreymon are then surrounded by a hoard of Fangmon while Taichi is giving orders to Komondomon, which, again, it’s great to see tactics sort of play a part in the battle. Sora tells Takeru to head inside because it’s dangerous, but Sora is hit by an attack, Taichi is knocked off Komondomon by an attack.

Takeru looks determined and Patamon remembers what Lopmon said and what Takeru said earlier. Patamon remembers being in the darkness and basically says he almost became dark Serafimon which is SO COOL. Patamon says that he is everyone’s hope. Two Fangmon jump on board Komondomon and Takeru looks ready to say ‘yamate!’.

Patamon says that he’ll protect everyone even if he’s not Angemon. He then evolves into Pegasusmon and we get ‘BE THE WINNERS’ as he destroys two Fangmon. Garudamon and Metalgreymon finish off the rest of the Fangmon and then join Pegasusmon in fighting Cerberumon. Pegasusmon uses ‘Rodeo Gallop’ where he spins in a wheel shape while Takeru is riding him…is he ok?

The three Digimon attack and destroy Cerberumon together. Takeru looks pleased and Pegasusmon reverts to Patamon and the episode finishes off with a nice pencil-coloured sketch almost of Takeru and Patamon hugging each other which is really cute.

In the Encyclopaedia, we get introduced to Komondomon, who has eight legs and Koshiro says it would be cool if they could tap-dance and somebody should give them lessons…Next time it’s Pegasusmon!

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 32 “Soaring Hope”

Rating for Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 32


This is how every evolution episode should have been this season but hasn’t been except for a few examples (as in, the debuts of Lilimon, Zudmon, and AtlurKabuterimon) – a focus on the human character as well as their relationship with their partner Digimon and even the other characters in the show.

Anyway, maybe it’s because so many of these past few episodes have been ranging from ‘terrible’ to ‘just ok’, but episode 32 (along with the previous episode) really seem to make me a little more hopeful for the future of the series.

Especially if it turns out that Tailmon is just DarkKnightmon or DarkMaildramon but overcome by ‘darkness’ in the same way that Patamon mentions almost happening to him.

Pegasusmon existing was kind of spoiled by both his existence in the Digivice: toy as well as the episode title being his ‘catchphrase’ in his evolution in 02, but I was still actually surprised that this episode gave us both branching evolution paths and a glimpse of an evil Seraphimon!

It was also super nice to get updates of how the other children are doing, despite the brevity, these parts were pretty fun – Mimi has basically formed a fight club with rock Digimon, and Joe is…I don’t know does he need me to call the police for him?

Quick side note on the next episode’s title – it’s ‘The Hikari of Dawn’, which means to be a pun I would assume as ‘The Light of Dawn’, however, the joke is kind of lost in translation(mon), I guess.

So what were your thoughts on Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 32? Let me know in the comments or in the discussion thread on /r/Digimon!

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