Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 14 "The King of the Insects Clash"

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 14 “The King of the Insects Clash”

Following on from last week’s review and, of course, our podcast discussion episode, it’s time to watch the 14 episode of Digimon Adventure: (2020)!

Opening thoughts

I don’t really have that many thoughts going into this one – so far, I’ve been okay what the series has done with Koshiro (when they didn’t have him barely exist in an episode until recently).

I’m not excited to see how his character arc will proceed like I was with Mimi’s episode and I’m not pessimistically anxious like I was with Sora’s episode.

I felt similar lack of care before watching Taichi’s episode where we met MetalGreymon.

In the end, all that we can really hope is that it isn’t a terrible waste of time, which is how I felt about Taichi’s episode.

My overall prediction is that in this episode we will see Koshiro’s tablet stop working completely, causing him to rely on his actual intellect rather than the internet, which seems like a good premise, so I hope they go with that.

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 14 “The King of the Insects Clash”

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 14 "The King of the Insects Clash"

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 14 Review

Tentomon is the focus of the Digimon analyser. Koshiro wonders what Dossei means as Tentomon speaks in Kansai ben. Gomamon is next time! Were there more sound effects in the opening this time – such as the DigiEgg hatching, the Digivice sparkling, Greymon evolving or am I imagining things? I’m not a big fan of it as it kinda sounds weird. I’ve not noticed it before. Does this mean we get a new opening soon?

Yamato’s group are wlaking up a hill, Yamato is walking alongside Gabumon, Piyomon is flying, and Sora and Jyou are relaxing as Ikkakumon walks them – it’s some absolutely beautiful imagery. Piyomon says that she could carry everyone but Sora says that she should rest and Ikkakumon says Piyomon should sit and relax on Ikakkumon. Joe calls out and asks Yamato and Gabumon to join them. Joe wonders if he’s working on his legs but decides he must be scouting.

Meanwhile, we see a news broadcast of what’s happening in Tokyo – apparently there are a lot of fires breaking out and a lot of people are trapped in elevators.

Taichi’s group are in an insane maze like canyon, Mimi and Palmon are worried that they will get lost. Koshiro loses reception again but Tentomon says that he can observe from overhead, which is a good idea, but Taichi says they shouldn’t get separated as they may be unable to communicate over terrain such as this – did they actually seriously just explain why they haven’t been keeping in contact with the other group?? Well done Digimon.

Mimi and Palmon found some crystals and are pulling faces and laughing at their reflections. Taichi says that they have these at amusement parks, Koshiro starts to analyse the crystals, but he forgets his computer isn’t working. Suddenly we see a Soundbirdmon overhead.

KUWAGAMON IS HERE, this time he is HUGE. Koshiro can’t look what Digimon it is, so Tentomon explains, ther are now a lot of them now, at least one is emitting miasma, which I guess shows that they are evil.

Palmon, Tentomon, and Agumon evolve in pretty cool orb evolution scenes that occur in real time, which I’m a big fan of. Kabuterimon is basically wrestling one and wonders who is stronger.

Greymon is getting pretty badly beaten by two Kuwagamon. Kabuterimon is being attacked by two and is struggling, Koshiro is worried because he could look up their attacks if he had reception.

Togemon saves Greymon from an attack with Coconut Counter, which is really nice to see her use a different move. Koshiro points out that it looks like the Kuwagamon are actually hunting them. Mimi points out if they got to a narrow part, they won’t be able to swoop like before, but Taichi points out that they should keep moving. Suddenly, an Oukuwamon shows up – who is a perfect level. The group is now cornered by the group of Kuwagamon and the Oukuwamon.

Nobody attempts to evolve which is kind of weird for Digimon. Taichio says that they should look for a way out, Koshiro is stressing that he can’t use his computer to look up answers. The group attempt to run and escape, and get separated escaping as they each go in different directions. Koshiro can’t communicate with his Digivice – so like, well done to the show for actually explaining that in the first part of the episode.

Greymon is under attack and Togemon is fighting Kuwagamon. Mimi says she hates the maze and the Kuwagamon, and they are then attacked, Taichi says they must’ve heard her and Mimi says sorry, but she does really hate them.

Koshiro and Kabuterimon are going through the maze and Koshiro says he can’t guide Kabuterimon or analyse data without his laptop working. Oukuwamon shows up and swats Kabuterimon to the side, but Kabuterimon attacks him and says that this is digital spirit. 
Koshiro keeps looking down at his computer and it’s kind of heart breaking how useless he looks and how they show is conveying how useless he feels.

Kabuterimon is basically being eaten, and Koshiro says that there’s nothing he can do. Kabuterimon says Koshiro still has the ultimate weapon that can beat his tablet – his brain and own knowledge.  Koshiro makes a really weird face that is meant to be determination, he puts down his laptop and looks around. 

Koshiro finds a way for them to escape and says that he got so caught up helping everyone with his laptop, he stopped using his own brain and relied on his tablet. Koshiro starts thinking of ways that they can beat the Kuwagamon and regroup the group.

Kabuterimon evolves to AtlurKabuterimon and rescues the group from Kuwagamon. “AtlurKabuterimon…at your service” is such a cool line.

AtlurKabuterimon is able to fight off the Kuwagamon, but is attacked by Oukuwamon, who he now wants to fight in an open space. Togemon keeps the Kuwagamon from following. Koshiro calls out to the group to use the mirror rocks to confuse and break the coordination of the Kuwagamon.

Mimi and Togemon look really cool fighting the Kuwagamon, but I guess Taichi and Greymon feel left out as Greymon evolves to MetalGreymon now which feels like a weird thing to do now and not earlier and probably my only negative thing to say about this episode, honestly.

AtlurKabuterimon asks what Koshiro’s plan for him is, and Koshiro says it’s a full power 1 on 1, AtlurKabuterimon fights and wins against Oukuwamon, Tentomon and Koshiro high five. Kohshiro’s tablet works again and points out that it’s faster now.

We get to see what Yamato’s group are up to – Joe’s asleep. Gabumon says it’s quiet and Yamato says that they should now get on Ikkakumon – so it was only Joe’s talking keeping him away, which is hilarious. It’s kind of weird how we didn’t get to see much of the other group this time compared to how we usually get a few scenes with them in.

We get a new and adorable ending theme which focuses on all the characters. Highlight is most certainly Yamato drying Gabumon’s pelt and Mimi looking for Palmon in flowers. It’s a very catchy ending song but the animation is also very adorable. We see Takeru and Patamon, but no Hikari….

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 14 "The King of the Insects Clash"

Rating for Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 14


I always appreciate when the show foreshadows something and explains why something won’t work.

I wondered why Greymon didn’t evolve when he could to fight the Kuwagamon.

I only had the one complaint about how Greymon evolved at a weird time and didn’t evolve earlier when he was struggling without any reason to not evolve, however, that makes this episode still a 5/5 for me, which means I feel like I may have to readjust the scale if we get many more 5/5s or if the show gets even better.

So what were your thoughts on Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 14? Let me know in the comments or in the discussion thread on /r/Digimon!

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  1. Justin says:

    Tai’s digivice lights up 8:05-8:08 which I thought was priming for ultimate evolution but they show greymon get smashed in the face and the digivice powers down which I assumed greymon taking rampant attacks interrupted the digivolution sequence therefore greymon was unable to digivolve (which they may explain later? They make an effort to show this because they animate it?)

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