Day 2 of podcast recording – Episode 136's Obnoxious Synopsis, Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 3 Dub, Digimon Adventure Tri Stage Play

Good evening!
We just recorded podcasts covering the Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 3 English dub as well as the Stage Play!
We’re sending out the unedited recording for both of these episodes shortly to backers pledging $10 or more per month. You can become a backer here!
We also recorded Obnoxious Synopsis for Episode 136 so we also have Jay’s predictions and the recording which will be sent out on Patreon shortly too!
Tomorrow, as mentioned in my post earlier today, we’ll be releasing the Serial Experiments Lain podcast episode that we recorded yesterday.
Our next recording day will be our usual Friday recording. This week we’ll be covering episodes 47 and 48 of Digimon Savers!

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