ABCs of Dumb Digimon Designs: G is For…

This is another Digimon that I knew immediately.

G is For…


His picture should be enough to explain why he’s my dumb design for the letter ‘G’ – he’s a big head with feet!

I first saw him on the Xros Loader toy and I thought I was just miss-seeing his design, then when he showed up in Xros Wars, I was stunned – he was exactly what I thought I saw.

He’s kind of cute in a weird way too, and, because he’s from Xros Wars, he doesn’t really have a level; I feel like he would be a child level, but he looks like he would be one of the baby forms. Gaossmon seems like he would be a good In-Training form for Dracomon instead of Babydmon, as he’s a similar colour to Petitmon and Dracomon (and Babydmon is green), but, again, he has no level but appears to have the strength of a child or even adult level Digimon.

So, what’s the dumbest Digimon design starting with ‘G’ according to you?

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