ABCs of Dumb Digimon Designs: F is For…

Some of these Digimon are Digimon I just chose because it’s impossible to look at them without grinning.

F is For…


Fangmon is such a bizarre looking Digimon for some reason; he doesn’t really look much like a Digimon besides the leather attire – he just seems like he’s from a different franchise such as Yokai Watch or Pokemon.

Maybe he feels so strange to me because he’s so squashed? Or maybe it’s because he has the leather straps? These straps feel like they might have been added to make him seem less weird. There’s just a few things that make this Digimon design feel off. 

Surprisingly, he’s not a winner of a ‘design a Digimon’ contest – he just looks so weird!

Having said all that, I just have to grin whenever I see him, there’s something charming about him.

So, what’s the dumbest Digimon design starting with ‘F’ according to you?

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