We'd really appreciate feedback on our commentary episode

We uploaded the commentary running alongside an inverted version of the movie this morning and we’d like to hear your thoughts on our first ever commentary track.
Brady also keeps asking “DID PEOPLE LIKE ME?”
(Also May might stream Hacker’s Memory again tonight/this evening maybe)
Though for now, May is going to the Doctor’s and then back to bed because of a migraine.

One thought on “We'd really appreciate feedback on our commentary episode

  1. Chakmon says:

    I really enjoyed the commentary episode! I only wish it included the commentary on the Angela Anaconda intro because as I fast-forwarded thru it I forgot (1) how long it was, (2) how Digimon focused it was, and (3) how it really tried to pimp-out and tie-together the FOX Kids TV brands that were airing at the time…. commentary would have been funny there.
    Overall the episode was good. I was actually able to watch my DVD along with the commentary, which was interesting (though I had the volume on the TV turned down and the captioning on). The whole Willis thing was hilarious! And while I love all three of these movies on their own footing…. Yes, even Hurricane Touchdown! If people can’t appreciate interesting animation and music it can’t be helped… I’ll concede it probably shouldn’t have been a Digimon movie, but for me, it was a perk that it was, and made it a bit more interesting. The lonely open spaces of the American High Plains is depicted so well. And the idea of the kids travelling from New York to Nebraska or Wyoming randomly on their own is absurdly hilarious… but anyway, as I love these 3 movies individually, the FOX Presents Digimon movie is unique onto itself, and I can appreciate it as well. The part discussing The Digimon Movie as groundbreaking for what constitutes significant changes with respect to compensation was very interesting.
    And the Digimon The Movie soundtrack, IS as great as we believe it to be! I have the CD! It also made Zero Two very fun to watch! It is one of the few movies I distinctly remember seeing, and am always up for watching again. So this was a fun extra. Nice work.

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