We may be recording this week's episode (covering episodes 1 and 2 of Digimon Xros Wars) tomorrow night!

If everything goes as planned, May and Jay are going to discuss the first two episodes of Digimon Xros Wars in both Japanese and English tomorrow night (Wednesday Night AEST).
This episode will be immediately sent out to Patreon backers pledging $10 or more per month and the notes will be also sent out to those pledging $5 or more per month as per usual.
The episode will be made public at the normal time and day (Saturday morning AEST).
If you have any feedback for us to address in Episode 139, you have until we start recording tomorrow night since we’re pretty low on feedback.
In addition, May has a few plans and ideas for future episodes to make up for the main show being a fortnightly release from now on, so don’t worry about us not being weekly for the entire podcast.

What are your thoughts?