The Digimon DPower US PC Game and How To Run It | Digimon Tamers

The Digimon DPower US PC Game and How To Run It

How to run the Digimon DPower US PC Game

I’ve been working on a video covering the US release of the Digimon DPower Digivice and Digimon DPower US PC Game that came with it, but I thought I might as well write down how I got it running for myself. Make sure you’re subscribed over on YouTube so you don’t miss out!

What you’ll need

  1. D Power US (this is different from the EU/SEA, Korean, and Japanese releases – look for a D Power with a bright orange round button, not a red or reset button)
  2. A 9 pin serial female to 2.5mm cable (this came packaged with the D-Power so I’m not sure if buying any similar cable will work or not)
  3. Prolific 9 pin Serial male to USB cable (specifically get one with the Prolific driver, I’ve bought others that didn’t work that had different drivers)
  4. The D Power Game disc (Mine came with one, but if you are missing it, you can find it on
  5. Might be important: The Official 2002 patch from Bandai over on the wayback machine. The Setup.exe didn’t work properly until I installed this. I just got the plain background without the installation wizard.
  6. Serial code – if you don’t have one, use Q94ZZ1E79F
  7. A PC with either a disc drive (internal or external) or something to mount the disc file from (Windows should have the ability itself, but you can also try PowerISO)

What to do

Once you’ve gotten everything ready, plug in your cables to your PC and load up Device Manager on you PC. Under COM devices, make note on the port number of your Serial cable (COM3, for example). Right click and properties. Change the values to the values in the screenshot below.

The Digimon DPower US PC Game and How To Run It | Digimon Tamers
Now run the setup and make sure to the COM port you noted earlier and select ‘INTERNET’ on your D Power, use Q94ZZ1E79F for the serial.

It’s important to note that all functionality is there EXCEPT the online portion which had their servers shut down nearly two decades ago.

If you can’t get it working, you’ll have to stay tuned for my Digimon DPower US PC Game video!

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