Revamping our Patreon – all new milestones!

We’ve started revamping our Patreon by removing old, previously-met but lost milestones and replacing them with new ones!
We’ll be changing around Patreon tiers too one day, but a few things need to be investigating tech-wise (for live podcast recordings through discord!)
You can help out the podcast and blog in the following ways:
And thank you to our supporters on Patreon; Sam Krieger, Joe, AnimeGuyKurosaki1, Chakmon, Steven Reeves, Kaida Washi, Mac, Chisai, Kyle, DaLadyBugMan, Tom, GlitchGoat, Matthew, Anthony, Lizmet, Quinn, Sithobi, Meagan, Neoboo, The Time Optimist, Nicholas, Michael C, and Starry!

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