Recreating the Digimon Pop-up Cafe items: Gabumon's Guzzling Blue Milk

So I bought a bottle of Blue Curacao (alcoholic, obviously. Not even sure you can get the non alcoholic stuff here). 
I forgot the whipped cream and only realised after pouring the milk. 
I used full cream milk, two cubes of ice, Marie Brizard Curacao Bleu Liqueur. 
I poured the Liqueur in first, added the ice, and then poured the milk over it. 

The verdict? Surprising nice. Almost like a sweet milk drink. I don’t want a second because it was almost sickly sweet but it wasn’t bad. Jay wasn’t a fan. 
I think it’d be nice with the whipped cream but doesn’t necessarily need it.  
Mimi’s Drink of Purity is still my favourite!
I wonder what I should try next?

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