Podcast release updates!

Firstly, tomorrow night (~26 hours from now) we will be recording Episode 145 which covers episodes 17, 18, and 19 of Digimon Xros Wars.
This will be released this Saturday morning AEST.
This is due to, as we mentioned a month or so ago, us having to miss out a week of our regular Xros Wars coverage due to Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 6’s release, so we’re doing two episodes on consecutive Saturdays to make up for it (as in, last week’s episode and this week’s episode).
Our subsequent episodes covering Xros Wars will continue to be released fortnightly unless otherwise expressed.
Next, listener and Patreon supporter Chakmon noticed an inconsistency in our episodes which has now been corrected.
Though now this means we won’t be ending each part of Xros Wars in a single episode, we’ll consider watching a forth episode in one week to knock the endings of Part 1 and 2 together in their respective episodes.
Lastly, May is away for the weekend that we would be releasing our final Lain episode, so May will endeavour to have this episode out on June 6th – May’s birthday.
Remember to check out our release schedule if you’re ever curious!

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