ABCs of Nostalgic Digimon: H is For…

In the previous post, I spoke quite a bit about a printed out book I had as a child. Today I’ll be talking about another Digimon I learnt of from the same book.

H is For…



When I first found out that Holydramon was Tailmon’s fully evolved form, I was a little bit confused, to be honest; Angewomon was an angel, so why would it make sense that she evolved into a dragon?

However, I quickly accepted Holydramon when the printed book also informed me of Tailmon’s child form, Plotmon. I then became confused as to why Angewomon was there when the rest of the forms were animals, so I guess you can’t win.

In some ways, Holydramon is an angelic dragon dog, which actually fits pretty well, honestly.

The Digimon Movie (2000) featured Holydramon as Tailmon’s fully evolved form and then in Brave Tamer (2001) also featured Holydramon, but then Digimon Battle Spirit 1.5 (2002), Tailmon’s fully evolved form was Ophanimon, as with the Digimon Adventure retelling on the PSP (2013).
The constant and balanced flipping of Holydramon/Ophanimon caused debate between fans – which was her true form?

One side of the argument declared that, as Holydramon was her first fully evolved form, it is her true form while the other side argued that the later additions (being Battle Spirit and the PSP game) were corrections and Hurricane Touchdown wasn’t canon.

Fun fact, since we discussed debut dates with Goddramon, Holydramon debuted in 1998 in Digital Monster Ver S for the Sega Saturn and 1999 in the card game (Booster 1) while Ophanimon didn’t debut until three years later in 2001 in Starter Set 6 of the card game and then in 2002 in Battle Spirit 1.5.

However, in Digimon Adventure Tri Part 5 (2017), Tailmon dark evolved to Ophanimon Falldown Mode and then to Holydramon as her ‘good’ evolution in Part 6 (2018), which finally upset the balance of appearances.

However, in the end, in a franchise where diverging evolution paths is normal, it’s unusual why a Digimon can’t just have two natural evolutions that aren’t ‘evil’ ones.

A while back, we actually conducted a poll for the podcast about who our followers preferred as Tailmon’s Ultimate – Ophanimon or Holydramon.It was very close for the most part, with each option taking the lead and losing the lead with every vote, upon closure, the results (with 560 answers) ended up like this:

holydramon or ophanimon

I’ll reopen the same poll now and see if that answer stays the same, because it’s an interesting debate, in my opinion and I’d be interested in who everybody prefers as Tailmon’s fully evolved form.

So who do you prefer? Let us know by voting in the poll above and leave us a comment saying why! We’d be interested to hear your reasons and to see if the ratio of preferences has stayed the same or if people have had a change of heart.

I’ve always preferred Holydramon – she just made sense to her entire line, but it’s fine if Tailmon can evolve to either.

And of course, who is the most nostalgic Digimon that starts with the letter ‘H’ in your opinion?

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