New Podcast episode: Episode 124 – Digimon Snap

We just released an episode! Episode 124 – Digimon Snap
May and Jay discuss how cool Masaru’s Dad is, how stupid 80% of DATS is, and wonder where Yushima has gone.
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Screenshots of the Week
– May: “He..changed colour” (
– Jay: The Exploration Squad Are All Naruto Fans (
Weekly Wonders
– May: Digimon Links (
– Jay: Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School (
– Intro: 0.00.00-0.00.39
– DigiNews / Lost in NewsLatelymon: 0.00.42-0.09.10
– Obnoxious Synopsis: 0.09.11-0.19.02
– Episode 23 and 24 Discussion: 0.19.03-1.31.08
– Episode 23 and 24 Opinions: 1.31.09-1.35.50
– Overall Opinions: 1.35.51-1.41.39
– I Will Show You DigiWorld (What): 1.41.40-1.45.34
– Postmon Pat: 1.45.35-2.06.39
– Outro: 2.06.40-2.11.14
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