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Top 5 New Digimon Releases I’d Like To See Next Decade

Yesterday I made a post celebrating what an exciting decade it has been for the Digimon franchise, but it left me wondering what new Digimon releases that I’d like to see next decade…

New Digimon Releases That I Want

Before we start, obviously we already know that both Kizuna and Survive are coming out, so I won’t state the obvious releases that we will be getting, and I won’t put any certain guesses like ‘new Omegamon’, since we get one of those every year or so and I won’t have anything that, despite me wanting it, there’s not much certainty of it happening such as a re-release of V-Tamer for the global market (however, the 20th anniversary of its completion will be in 2023, so maybe we can be hopeful).

#5: Release of figures from non-Adventure seasons

I feel like we get a new variation of Taichi and Agumon every year or so, and don’t get me wrong, I love Adventure and the figures they’ve released, but I’d really like to see characters from other seasons from Frontier, Savers, Xros Wars, and Appmon.

The fact that we’re getting an Ulforce Vdramon figure is pretty exciting, even if it’s not technically said to be Zeromaru from V-Tamer, it’s at least not from Adventure.

In addition, I’d also really like to see the continuation of the Digivolving Spirits line, which I would have as its own new Digimon releases or release that I’d like to see, but I felt that would be cheating.

#4: Ver20th Digivices for Frontier and Savers

Adventure, 02, and Tamers had their Digivice toys re-released for their respective 15th anniversaries, meaning that the boat has passed for the 15th anniversary for Frontier and almost for Savers, but I’d still really like to see these be released, possibly for their 20th anniversary.

If this were to happen, the 20th anniversary of the start of Frontier would be 2022 and Savers would celebrate this milestone in 2026.

Perhaps these two were left out as neither were pedometer toys, with the D-Scanner being a barcode scanner and the iC being a virtual pet, or possibly it would be more of a risk as there may be less nostalgia for these Digivices.
In any case, I’d still really like to see anniversary versions of these Digvices, especially the iC.

This one isn’t particularly likely since the other Digivices had 15th anniversary releases, but I can hope we get them as some new Digimon releases at some point!

#3: New TV series in a new universe with new characters

While I loved Appmon and it was most certainly my favourite season, I do not want a continuation of it, I’d much rather a new series with new mechanics and new characters.

I also feel that it would be better executed as a TV show for children, like Appmon, and not a show with an attempt at a broader demographic, like Tri.

I feel like this one is fairly likely to happen in the next decade, but I’m still looking forward to it.

#2: Pendulum Progress and future 20th anniversary pets

The Digimon Pendulum Progress, which I wrote about last week, will have the 20th anniversary of its release in 2022. Considering that the Progress was the release that following the Pendulum, I’m optimistic that we may get an anniversary edition of this.

My only doubt is that there were only three versions of this compared to the original Digital Monster, which had five versions in Japan, and the Pendulum, which had 11 versions (or 6, depending on how you count the *.5 versions).

However, I’d love for the ver20th releases to continue into next decade, while the Pendulum X was more or less revived with the DMX this year, a Pendulum Progress v20th in 2022 or a Digimon Mini in 2025 could be both pretty cool as a new Digimon releases.

#1: New virtual pet

While the DMX was inspired by the Pendulum X, it had different mechanics and removed the pendulum feature. The fact we had a completely new virtual pet was actually pretty surprising amongst all the anniversary goods and nostalgia-targeted releases, so what I’d like to see most in any potential new Digimon releases for next decade would be for a new Digimon virtual pet.

Maybe this new virtual pet would have online features like we saw with the Meets/On that released in the last year or so?

digimon new releases - I'd like to see something like the Tamagotchi meets App
The Tamagotchi Meets allowed users to connect their Meets to their phone via bluetooth

The DM20th’s Japanese release had an ‘almost’ online feature where users entered passwords from their devices online and enter battles there, almost reminiscent of the Tamagotchi Connection series in the mid 2010s.

A lot of people are hanging out for a coloured Digimon, which I honestly don’t mind, though a back light could be cool….

What new Digimon releases do you want to see?

Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see released in the next decade! Impossible hopes? Likely speculations? Let us know!

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One thought on “Top 5 New Digimon Releases I’d Like To See Next Decade

  1. Brayden says:

    I want a finale to the Fusion arc. It would be about 15 years after Fusion with a new protag. It would be called Digimon Fusion -W-, short for Fusion Warriors. The two main digimon of his are the highly overlooked Yo!Yo!mon, as well as Gizamon. There is this character that appears to be the young Tagiru, but in the end he shows how he’s made a fool of the new MC, and turns out to be a great virus that’s been corrupting the long time king of the digital world, Shoutmon. Shoutmon has been corrupting throughout the entire season, and the digital world has been reduced to ruin and shambles after the great world that Shoutmon sought after and achieved. But there are a few short cameos of an empty coffee shop with an adult man and an faint outline and voice of a familiar digimon, Gumdramon throughout as a nod. The MC was always left out and mocked as a kid, and he never met his father. His mother taught him to always smile and look forward, and be a hero, despite being humiliated or taunted. He is a Christian, and holds God deeply in his heart as well.

What are your thoughts?