Move over Octopus Ding, a challenger has appeared

May is really into Raspberry Pi and fun related tech stuff currently, so naturally a soldering iron had to be purchased.
However, the instructions were interesting to say the least

1.Open the iron burger skull, not to the left twist, pull off can be used directly. If left to turn the screw wrench to Gary, iron head shaking does not connect, unable to work! Then cover the right screw directly pull under it.
2. The product switch is the human body induction switch, the hand holds the handle 5 seconds to begin to heat up, after leaving the handle, the handle will slow down.
3. The power supply is best to convert the USB power supply, computer power supply, or more than ten thousand Ma mobile power supply. Small capacitance of the mobile power will not move!

For reference, here are the instructions to the Takoyaki Maker May mentioned over a year ago on the podcast:

Name: Natural gas with metal molds small Takoyaki baking pan
Model: SKU520014
Material: Aluminum + non-stick coating
Product size: 33.8 x 18 x 2.5 cm
Can do the size of Takoyaki: 4 x 4 cm
Applicable stove: Gas stove
Packing box size: 34 x 18 x 2.8 cm
Non-stick mold cold-rolled plate material science and technology and non-stick surface treatment, with a hard texture, anti-oxidation, not easy to deformation, heat transfer effect and health characteristics.
1. The use of high-strength cold-rolled plate, high strength, rigidity, good thermal conductivity, durable.
2. Non-stick surface treatment, clean health, high temperature does not distribute toxic substances, baking effect, and high efficiency.
3. One-piece molding design, the appearance of fine, seamless, easy to clean, dimensionally stable.
The making method of Takoyaki
1. Die on the stove, open the fire heating, each hole brush oil.
2. Turn a small fire (the novice is best to open the fire the smallest, so as not to time), in each hole into the tune of a good batter (low gluten flour 200g, cold water 200ml, taste leaching (glutinous rice wine) 10g, Egg 2, baking powder 1/2 tsp, put all the materials together with the whisk stir well) about 7-8 points full, and then thrown into each hole onion, octopus Ding, cabbage Ding.
3. And then into the batter, to be full, then the fire can be slightly larger open point, with bamboo sticks along the edge of the poke down, top Dingding look, is able to turn the bust.
4. All turned over a good half, turn the whole body, the shape of each small ball about the regular, surface brush oil.
5. In turn turn over to the surface of small balls can be gold.
Package Included
1 x Takoyaki Pan (12 Cavities)

Which do you prefer?

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