Important Patreon and release schedule changes

Good morning,
We’ve just made some changes to our Patreon goals and rewards as well as our release schedule.
No milestones have been removed, just added to!

We have just lost a milestone for covering the Manga, so the Manga coverage will be put on pause until we reach that goal again. If we meet the milestone, we will cover Digimon D-Cyber as soon as possible, as this is the next one for us to cover now that we’ve finished V-Tamer and Next. After D-Cyber we’ll be covering the manga for Digimon World, Digimon Xros Wars, and Appli Monsters.
As for an update for our audio drama coverage of Chronicle, we have put this as a new milestone in addition to having an audio commentary track for the six Digimon Adventure Tri movies.
As we mentioned, these changes have affected our release schedule as well, so please check that out.

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And thank you to our supporters on Patreon; Sam Krieger, Stevie (SteviePatamon on Tumblr and takes commissions), Joe, AnimeGuyKurosaki1, Chakmon, Hiro Alato (@FightFenghuang on Twitter), Jason Morosky, Ryuichi (frostmrajick on Archive of Our Own), Steven Reeves (WildWing64 on Archive of Our Own), Kaida Washi, Mac, Noam, Riku, Chisai, Kyle, DaLadyBugMan (you can read his blog about anime on, Tom, GlitchGoat, Azrael McCool, Matthew, Anthony, Lizmet, Quinn, Sithobi, Meagan, Kyliek, Neoboo, The Time Optimist, SilverHairedFreak25 (@SHF25Tweets on Twitter), Harvey,Nicholas, Anthony V, Harrison, and Michael C!

3 thoughts on “Important Patreon and release schedule changes

  1. Chakmon says:

    Hi May. I’m totally bummed about the freeze on manga coverage! The manga coverage filled the gap on the every-other regular podcast pretty well… I wanted to check and make sure it wasn’t me that screwed-up the Patreon milestone….
    I had closed a credit card I was using to make my Patreon support thru PayPal and PayPal started dipping directly into my checking account for June and July! (very unexpected!) Anyway, I changed my Patreon to pay directly thru another credit card starting in August. I wasn’t sure if it cancelled my last Patreon support with this recent change and that what led to this post? Rest assured I am still with you guys, and not missing a month. It’s just my payment will be coming from another place in August.
    I am with you guys until the digi-end of this franchise coverage! I hope I didn’t cause this change because I just changed my method of payment a few days ago…..
    hope all is well, and hope you’re on the mend May! How did you hurt yourself anyway??

    • airdram0n says:

      Don’t worry, wasn’t caused by you! Thank you so much for the continued support.
      As for the injury, I broke my collarbone rollerblading. I’m going into hospital again on Friday to see if I should have surgery or not because of how severe the break is. It’s very hard to type and use PCs so last week’s episode almost didn’t come out.
      Thanks for asking.
      – May

  2. Chakmon says:

    Bummer sorry to hear about that… I always wanted to learn how to rollerblade too. Were you doing a trick or something? Or going really fast? I hope everything heals well… especially if it’s affecting your work.
    (glad to hear it wasn’t me… I hope manga coverage comes back again soon. I have actually been enjoying the manga more than the anime lately since these manga series are all new to me.)

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