How To Doubt Yourself, Ignore Metaphors and Punch Fire


or: the significant differences between the original and the dub of Digimon Savers/Data Squad episode 3.

Something I didn’t mention in my reblog of Lost in Translationmon was that I’m also following along and doing the same thing as them, watching both the subbed and dubbed episodes together and making note of the differences I notice. It’s pretty fun – I’d previously only been familiar (extremely familiar, mind you) with the subbed version, so it’s interesting to see what the dub changes, even though most of the changes they make are for the worse. For episode 3 in particular, I found there to be some pretty significant differences with the dub – differences that the podcast didn’t seem to notice. Since I have way too much to say to expect the podcast to read it all out in their Postmon Pat segment, instead I’m making a post here about my thoughts.

(For anyone who doesn’t remember, episode 3 is The One Where Tohma Is Introduced And Masaru Struggles With Punching Fire.)

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