Ghosts of Halloween Special Past?

Last year we covered Digimon Universe Appli Monsters Episode 4 as well as the Baha Men Digimon song ‘It’s Spooky In Here’. You can listen to this episode here!
Of course, this year, we just released our regular Lain coverage for Halloween…Does that even count as 2spoopy?
This year, May did some cosplaying (even though we don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia): May came to work as Hiro from Digimon World , went to a dress up party at the roller rink as Taichi from Digimon Adventure, and, a few weeks ago, cosplayed as Toko from Dangan Ronpa for a Halloween party!
Did anybody else do anything fun?

One thought on “Ghosts of Halloween Special Past?

  1. wildwing64 says:

    We celebrate Halloween in the UK, but it’s nowhere near as big a deal as it is in North America or Japan. Closest thing I’ve done to anything fun was cosplaying as the Red Ranger at MCM London Comic Con this past weekend 😛

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