3 thoughts on “Episode 136 Weekly Poll

  1. Amani says:

    Before listening to this episode of the podcast I would have said yes because I would’ve preferred to see Masaru have to deal with the consequences of having killed his father essentially. But now the head cannon that Yggdrasil brought back Spencer by aging up Bancholeomon’s digiegg and the two are the same but just sharing Suguru’s body instead is the best ever and it’s what I’m going to be using to explain it myself from now on.

  2. Chakmon says:

    I am amazed by comparison at the level of disdain shown for Frontier with their “magical tears” resolution in saving Kouichi and the general acceptance of Yggdrasil simply giving back Suguru as a gift to Masaru to end Savers. Yes it’s critical to have Suguru back in making it “okay” for Masaru to disappear with Agumon into the digital world at the end, so we can leave Sayuri in a good place of not losing both husband and son, but this ending is so lame… Especially given that Suguru’s soul was mixed.with BanchoLeomon’s and his body was taken by Yggdrasil earlier.
    Of the two, I’ll take the Frontier ending. Kouji/Kouichi brothers forever!!! Although like Amani, I do love the head canon you guys came up with to explain how it happened. But your acceptance of the event (especially Jay’s) I found surprising. ..

  3. elyvorg says:

    Suguru coming back to life was necessary, because if he hadn’t, Masaru would not have left for the Digital World. He wouldn’t have abandoned his mother and sister while knowing that his dad is gone and never coming back, given how much he felt responsible for filling the father role in the family without him. And since Masaru leaving to be with Agumon forever is my favourite part of the ending (they’re friends!!!!!), I am cool with this.
    What I think happened from a writing perspective is this: the writers always planned Masaru to go to the Digital World at the end. This is foreshadowed both by a line in episode 2, and by the opening line of Gouing! Going! My Soul! (“Because it’ll take me away!”). Suguru dying was probably not planned long in advance but was the most dramatically impactful way to do things when the story reached that point. Then they got to the last episode and remembered that Masaru was supposed to leave and that it would be out of character for him to do so with his dad dead, so they somewhat awkwardly had Yggdrasil bring Suguru back.
    I don’t actually mind from an emotional-reaction standpoint either, because his dad staying dead would have been emotional, but also emotional is the whole Daimon family being reunited again after ten years. I have a lot of feelings about the Daimon family, okay.

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