2 thoughts on “Episode 130 Weekly Poll

  1. Autumn says:

    I love Sleep Mode for three primary reasons.
    1. None of the Seven Great Demon Lords model their respective sin particularly effectively (if at all), and while Belphemon isn’t exactly a diamond in the rough in that regard, conceptually, I could see how a writer might be able to take what has been established about Sleep Mode and do something creative with it. I’m sort of reminded of that sandwich guy from the Lilo and Stitch TV series, who was, on paper, the most threatening of all the monsters, but almost never actually did a darn thing with all that might. To make a villain out of such a character, perhaps Belphemon could be responsible for a large number of fellow Digimon, maybe an entire province or country, only for such responsibilities to be drowned out by idle snores (The Amazing Spidermon would be pissed).
    2. Throughout the whole franchise, Sleep Mode’s necklace is one of the only two overt references to Digimon’s older sister, Tamagotchi, that I’m aware of. I’m a little surprised there aren’t more, all things considered.
    3. he’s such a pwecious wittle doggo

  2. elyvorg says:

    Okay, but consider: Belphemon Sleep Mode is not any kind of Pokémon from Alola – he’s an eviler version of Team Rocket’s Meowth balloon.

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