5 thoughts on “Episode 126 Weekly Poll

  1. Autumn says:

    Ivan’s face and overall stature remind me somewhat of Batou from the Ghost in the Shell manga, which is to say that I’m getting a lot of teddy bear vibes from him. It’s just a shame about that strange gimmick, though. Perhaps there could have been some other way for his inner thoughts to be broadcast to his opponents, like having a diary with really poorly bound pages or something. That way, he’d have the opportunity to show more embarrassment and maybe even awkwardly apologize from time to time.
    Alas, the curse of being a filler miniboss character: your true appeal lies in coming up with ideas about how you could be improved.

  2. Chakmon says:

    hahaha! voted for Kouki for the same reason as Holly Angel, just switch “girl” to “guy.” They’re all awful stereotypes with terrible designs. But Kouki get 1/2 point for being generic shounen-hot. Black hair would have been better…

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