4 thoughts on “Episode 120 Weekly Poll

  1. Vincent says:

    Tamers had the best hospital scene because I felt it was the most emotional and impactful when compared with the other hospital/death scenes. Juri’s flashback was pivotal for the plot of the final arc while the other flashbacks were more for development of the characters. Ken’s flashback comes at a close second but I feel it acts more as his redemption arc then an impactful moment.

  2. embermoto says:

    voted for the Tamers hospital/death scene because it is the one that has stuck with me the most and the one that traumatized me as a child.
    A close second would be Osamu ichijouji from Adventure 02 not so much for the scene its self but the repercussions of it, this event was one of the factors that led to Ken become the Digimon Emperor.

  3. elyvorg says:

    I was tempted to vote for the Savers one because I do like Tohma’s episode and Savers always needs more love, but I’m going for Tamers in the end because Juri’s hospital scene is probably my favourite scene in that entire series. I like messed up characters and that was the scene that showed just how messed up Juri was.

  4. Chakmon says:

    I picked Savers because I couldn’t get over young Thoma crying! And the implied blame for the death is something he carries. I was going to vote for Frontier, because it was the only happy ending, where tears created magic! Or Adventure because Hikari’s near death pushed a onii-chan ethic onto Taichi very early in life. TBH, they’re all good scenes and very emotional in their own way. I got suckered into the young Thoma bawling his eyes out! so sad…..

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