4 thoughts on “Episode 118 Weekly Poll

  1. mrajraspn08 says:

    If it’s improving my life, we’ve got a good enough bond that we can trust each other, and I’ll be able to help him or her, as well. So in the end, any risk would be small and worth the definite results.

  2. embermoto says:

    I voted yes because I don’t see the difference between the scenario posed in this question and any of the destined children getting a Digimon. The Digimon improved each of their lives in some way but they all of the potential to be dangerous. Even Digimon with good intentions can be dangerous like the first Agumon/Greymon Taichi and Hikari meet in the Digimon Adventure movie. So yes I would take the chance.

  3. Vincent says:

    I’d take a digimon partner regardless of the risk. We’d both help to improve the others life, which I presume will involve saving the human or digital world

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