5 thoughts on “Episode 117 Weekly Poll

  1. Vincent says:

    I think that Hayase deciding to actually fight was a lot more interesting than him just forfeiting. It showed that he had actual pride in his career and was willing to complete his final match despite having no chance of winning. I feel that forfeiting actually takes a lot away from his character.

  2. shf20 says:

    I voted “no”, but it really depends on how the fight would have played out. Personally, I would have written one of two scenarios:
    1. Hayase suffering a major injury (or his old wounds re-opening/flaring up), but end up pulling an Optimus Prime and powering through his injuries to deal the finishing blow, resulting in a KO. (And Jay, before you say that’s completely unrealistic, let me remind you this is a series about colorful superpowered animals from an alternate computer-based dimension. I think it can get away with a little more anime insanity.)
    B. The fight being too much for him, and loses brutally. This would show his daughter that the sport is no joke.
    Either way, if he’s passionate about the sport, he should finish what was started.

  3. Animeguy says:

    I said yes he should have, who knows what could happen during the boxing match, sure he could get out with least a migraine but, he could die during the match to prove to his daughter he could do it, leaving his daughter without a father, and his wife without a husband, and most likely without to much support, besides he didn’t earn the chance to face the next person, whether or not he knew or not, there was cheating going on in his favor by his daughter.

  4. Chakmon says:

    Yes. My impression was he dropped out of the final match out of respect for the sport since he got his current place illegitimately (with Togemon’s help). But in the end it doesn’t really matter because Masaru would kick everyone’s ass and become king-of-the-world! Aniki!!

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