7 thoughts on “Episode 116 Weekly Poll

  1. Animeguy says:

    It’s a fairly enjoyable change, it doesn’t hurt anyone and it doesn’t get mentioned beyond this, at least they changed what Bomber Nanimon looked like to reflect the changed name, on another note *Holds up a rice ball* Anyone want a Jelly Filled Doughnut?

  2. Riku Reimei says:

    While I don’t like it per se, I do understand the change considering it’s a bomb in an amusement park, a la basically bombing Disneyland. Also, If I’m honest it’s better than a cursing bomb, well, in my opinion.

  3. Autumn says:

    Out of all the ridiculous changes the dub has made, I think Citramon is actually one of the better ones. While not as immediately frightening as a bomb, the threat of a flood is still quite grave, especially in such a densely populated region. I don’t think the silliness of the flood being orange juice-related drains the tension nearly as much as, say, having the ultimate villain shout “Wait a minute, what am I laughing at? I’m supposed to be depressed!”

  4. elyvorg says:

    Given that they had to change BomberNanimon or cut the episode, it is fine and definitely better than not having the episode. And really, BomberNanimon was already a kind of silly loose end unrelated to the cute slice-of-life of the rest of the episode, so changing him to something even sillier doesn’t affect anything important at all.

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