5 thoughts on “Episode 115 Weekly Poll

  1. Vincent says:

    I think that Adventure has the best digital world as it feels very expansive. I like how everywhere has a name and how all the unusual areas of the digital world, at least in the first season, seems to flow naturally into each other. The digital world in Tamers seems very desolate and the various places we are shown appears to be more like video game levels then a fully realised world. The digital world in Frontier felt more like an alternate world then a digital one as there was nothing in the world itself that made it feel like an actual digital dimension. The digital world in Savers looked pretty promising in the parts that are shown in the early parts of the season but I feel it is not as memorable as the digital world from adventure.
    This is the first time I’ve commented on one of your poles as I’ve only just caught up with the show and have been having a blast listening since I found your appmon podcast on YouTube.

  2. Jared Jenkins says:

    I think this question should have been saved to include Fusion/Xros Wars. Oh well, I have to think which should I chose Adventure or Savers.

  3. jarednj says:

    I think you should have done this when you could include Fusion/Xros Wars. Oh well, know which should I choose Adventure or Savers.

  4. Chakmon says:

    As much as I love Frontier’s settings, it’s true, there’s nothing distinctly Digital about these fantasy settings (except the TV Forest… awesome!) so I’ll fallback on my standby. Nothing says “digital world” like randomly placed traffic signs!

What are your thoughts?