3 thoughts on “Episode 114 Weekly Poll

  1. Kyle says:

    While Marcus is an impulsive idiot, Thomas should have planned around the fact that it’s very obvious what Marcus is going to do: run in and punch the problem. On top of that, Thomas didn’t make any attempt to coordinate against the Drimogemon when a simple “push him towards the water so he can’t dig away” would have been sufficient to explain the plan to Marcus.

  2. Animeguy says:

    While Masaru is a bit of a jerk at times he knows when to be nice, a person gives you a lift home, the proper response is to thank them, the proper response to the thank you is to say “You’re welcome” not be an ass about how your boss told you too so you could get to know each other, Touma just cannot say a single nice thing to Masaru, or even a decent thing to him, all he can say is mean and condescending remarks

  3. elyvorg says:

    I didn’t actually vote, because I think the correct answer is that they’re both equally out of line. Calling Tohma’s problem “not being a nice person” and Masaru’s problem simply “impulsiveness” is a bit unfair to Tohma, because Masaru is also being an unpleasant person /towards Tohma/ – calling him “Tonma”, insisting on seniority when he’s only been there three more days, etc. The difference for the viewers is that we’ve seen Masaru’s behaviour towards other people for a few episodes now, so we know he’s capable of being a decent person when he wants to be. But /all/ we’ve seen of Tohma so far is the way he acts towards Masaru, which maybe isn’t the fairest way to judge the kind of person he is.
    Even before they met, Masaru and Tohma were both single-mindedly trying to prove they’re “the best” in their own very different ways, to the point that they refuse to even acknowledge the other’s approach because it’s so opposite from their own and see the other as nothing but an obstacle to their own superiority. All they need to do is stop being hyper-focused on their own greatness for long enough to see the other person as a fellow human being instead of an obstacle, and then the fact that they’re both inherently decent people (yes, Tohma too) will sort everything out.
    (Masaru and Tohma are great foils for each other in that they’re completely opposite in some ways but so similar in others, and I love it.)

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