5 thoughts on “Episode 113 Weekly Poll

  1. Jason says:

    Nah. While having a Digimon partner sounds fun DATS is pretty strict. Unless I get a more relaxed role in the organization it isn’t really worth it.

  2. Chakmon says:

    A reluctant “Ye”… not sure how I feel about “policing” Digimon, referring to events as “digital accidents” and de-humanizing (de-monizing?) practices like referring to Agumon as “Raptor-1” (not a fan of law enforcement power abuse…) maybe I could effect change from the inside??? I call Woodmon as partner…

  3. shf20 says:

    I would have said “hell ye”, because holy crap, Digimon partners! But then again, there’s the life-risking and imminent death that comes with fighting abnormally-sized creatures from another dimension. So a simple “ye” will suffice.

  4. Hiro Alato says:

    For me its a simple Ye cause i don’t know how much i am getting paid to hunt down monsters that could probably kill me fairly quickly and then have that moment of wondering if we are the real monsters that being said dibs on hagurumon

  5. Animeguy says:

    I would do a Hell Ye, because not only would it be a ton of fun having a partner, i would be able to work with others who have digimon as partners, it’d almost be like the Role Play in real life

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