2 thoughts on “Episode 110 Weekly Poll

  1. Maimishou says:

    I like the ending we got for what it was but if it were me I would have done one of two things. I would have either had the kids return to the Digital World and help rebuild it while pulling an 02 and allowing them to travel between both worlds at will now via the Trailmon or I would have had a timeskip and had the kids meet up and talk to each other about how their lives changed since getting back home. Would have to cut out those scenes where they discuss what they want to do now that they’re home though so as not to be repetitive.

  2. mrajraspn08 says:

    I never liked Susanoomon, and like May, I thought they were going to go to the ancient spirit forms. I don’t think that would have made the ending perfect, but it would have been better.

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