5 thoughts on “Episode 103 Weekly Poll

  1. Hiro Alato says:

    I am going to say kaisergreymon even though i like both designs but why he wins is cause talking to my partner about digimon designs it really does come down to strap a gun to it and that’s kind of poor and repetitive design but yet the greymon has a giant sword… that also doubles as a crossbow cause shrug.

  2. Ryuichi (@FrostMrajick) says:

    KaiserGreymon. I never liked MagnaGarurumon as a kid, and I realized why when Jay said it–because he does look like he’s from a different show.

  3. Riku Reimei says:

    Wow, I’m seriously an outlier here, but I like the sleek doggo. KaiserGreymon is just a bit too bulky in my opinion

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